A common image passed around as inspiration

Tumblr, home to perhaps the world's largest collection of pornography, is widely known for its tolerant attitude toward indecent content. But it's finally decided to draw the line with blogs that promote self-harm.

Most people saw it as a wise, rational decision. But one very vocal group of users — those who identify themselves as pro-ana or pro-mia (that is, pro-anorexia and bulimia) — were none too pleased with the decision.

Thinspiration, sometimes known as thinspo, has been a fixture on the Internet ever since user-generated blogs became mainstream in the early 2000s, and date back to at least the days of blogging platforms of yesteryear like LiveJournal and Xanga. Young girls — they're almost always girls — use the blogs to connect with fellow eating disorder sufferers (although they would surely bristle at being called sufferers), share mind-blowingly sparse diets, and post thinspirational photos of emaciated actresses and models that they find attractive.

Here are a few reactions from pro-eating disorder users, upset by Tumblr's decision to banish them from its corner of the Internet.

  • @TheMagic0fMacy: Tumblrs turning against thinspo. Now where do I look for my #thinspiration? #awwman
  • @ewwwfries: I really hope tumlr dies not really take down thinspo blogs =/ I like need it
  • @ewwwfries: so I read that tumblr thing like legit 6 times, the said they would show psa to searches related to proana stuff
  • @yeahimfreaky: oh no looks like my thinspiration tumblr will be taken down http://j.mp/yMXRos

And then there were those who disagreed with the decision, despite not wishing to have a visible ribcage:

  • @CoulombeD: Yikes, slippery slope. RT @The_MarySue: Tumblr Takes a Stand Against Self-Mutilation, Pro-Ana Sites by Banning Them
  • @Shmuel510: Boo, and also hiss. RT @choochoobear: Tumblr bans pro-anorexia/bulimia, self-mutliation pages: http://bit.ly/AmunA0

And then there were those who were oblivious to the Tumblr news, and just wanted a little thinspiration:

  • @pinkstarfishxx: my new #thinspo #tumblr http://thinxdreamsx.tumblr.com/ #thinspiration #proana
  • @eastonv: It's amazing what two days of fasting can do for the gap between your thighs. #thinspiration
  • @JusttShutUpp: i was gonna get some cereal. but then i logged on to my tumblr and well got thinspiration and wont eat any cereal :)
  • @rach_eva: Pictures of Adam are my ~thinspiration. Not in the cray way, in the healthy way!