David Turpin, the California dad that is facing a life sentence for abusing and torturing 12 of his offspring alongside his wife Louise, hopes his children can forgive him for what he has done, Radar Online reported.

David shared his thoughts with sister-in-law Elizabeth Flores as she visited him in jail, telling her in a tearful conversation about his children. “I hope the kids can forgive me!” David told Flores, according to the outlet.

David also went on to tell Flores that he hopes that he hasn’t ruined the relationship with his kids and still wants them to visit him in jail.

“He kept hoping the kids would come visit him in jail,” Flores said. “He was telling me that no matter what happened with him, he hoped that he still had a relationship with his kids. That’s what he kept worrying about.”

The Turpins engaged in a range of abuse and torture acts against their children. Both David and Louise pleaded guilty to charges of adult abuse, child endangerment, false imprisonment, and torture of 12 of their 13 children earlier this month. They have the possibility of parole after 25 years and will be on probation for life if they get it.

Sentencing for the Turpins is scheduled for April 19.