• Twitter users showered former Donald Trump with warm greetings on Presidents' Day
  • Many online users still consider Trump their president and the best POTUS ever
  • Several also sent warm messages to President Joe Biden to mark the occasion

Twitter users showered former President Donald Trump with warm greetings on Presidents' Day.

Several users on the micro-blogging site gave Trump sweet messages to celebrate his presidency. Many of them still consider Trump their president even after he lost the election to President Joe Biden.

"Yes Happy Presidents day Donald Trump. The best President ever," one wrote.

"Happy President day Donald Trump!!!!! We still love you and your still our President!!!!" another wrote.

"Happy Presidents Day Donald Trump!!! Best president ever!" a third user wrote.

"Happy President’s Day Former/Future President Donald Trump!!!TRUMP2024," another user added.

"@POTUS want to take a moment to wish a very HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY. TO THE BEST PRESIDENT, Donald Trump!!!!!!!!" a fifth user commented.

"Happy Presidents Day Joe Biden. Trump will forever be my President seeing how you want to tear this Country Apart. Maga will Keep moving forward. TRUMPTRAIN will Remain," @Cbarnett2102 wrote.

However, some were not happy with Trump's presidency and they also aired their disappointment on Twitter.

"RT to NOT wish a Happy President's Day to Donald Trump. Un-deserving, to say the least!" one commented.

"It's a Really Happy #PresidentsDay! It's so nice not to have Homicidal Donald Trump as President. Today's a Good Day," another wrote.

"Happy President’s Day, Not Donald Trump!" a different netizen added.

Meanwhile, Trump was acquitted for the second time in his impeachment trial. Seven Republicans joined all 50 Democratic Senators for the former president's conviction. However, it was still not enough to get the two-thirds majority or 67 votes required. The result means that the Senate will not have the power to stop Trump from holding future federal offices. Hence, he is free to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., was overjoyed with the result of his father's second impeachment trial and he made it known on Twitter.

"Beating these establishment clowns twice after years of BS and under unprecedented circumstances is a badge of honor," he tweeted.

Trump Jr.'s tweet also received lots of comments and supportive messages from her father's fans. Trump's followers were also very happy that he was acquitted.

"The greatest President in American history who is forever a WINNER!!!!" one commented.

Meanwhile, many also took the time to greet President Joe Biden.

"Happy Presidents Day to our Commander in Chief President Joe Biden. Go forth boldly," one wrote.

"Yes, Happy Presidents Day to JOE BIDEN!" a second user wrote.

"Happy President's Day to our commander-in-chief and 46th President of the United States Joe Biden!" U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar tweeted.

Donald Trump was triumphant upon his acquittal in his first impeachment trial in early 2020
Donald Trump was triumphant upon his acquittal in his first impeachment trial in early 2020 AFP / Nicholas Kamm