Twitter co-founder Evan Williams said the company plans to move into areas where censorship and technology is limited.

In an interview with the BBC, Williams said the company plans to push into expand SMS coverage in India, and Haiti, and other areas where with the simplest mobile phone you can get updates and information you've never got before.

We have a fundamental belief, having worked on this type of thing for 10 years, that the open exchange of information has a positive impact on the world, Williams said. Twitter is currently blocked in China.

My hope is that eventually the open exchange of information will prevail in most regions, but we don't have any specific plans in China or other areas where we're blocked.

Meanwhile, Williams also said he believes that social networks will become a fundamental way we communicate with our governments, businesses and loved ones.

I think it will be how you get personal, customized information from every entity you care about, from your local café to your government, from your politician to your friends and family.