A beard can do wonders for a man, and “Bachelorette” runner-up Eric Bigger can definitely attest to this.

On Monday, the “Bachelorette” star sported a new look in the Season 13 finale of the hit dating reality TV show on ABC. Eric appeared on the show with a beard, which got massive approval from viewers. In fact, many fans took to Twitter to express how much they are loving Eric’s more rugged look.

“The. Beard. Is. Working. #TheBacheloretteFinale,” Twitter user Emma Gray wrote.

“A beard can do wonders on a man #TheBacheloretteFinale,” Jayda Lauryn tweeted.

Check out more reactions over Eric’s beard below!

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Aside from Eric’s new look, many were impressed with how he carried a conversation with Rachel Lindsay, who broke his heart when she sent him home prior to the final rose ceremony. “How is your heart?” Eric asked Rachel, to which she replied that she was good. He also asked her if she was happy, and she said she was.

Rachel took this as an opportunity to explain to Eric why she decided to send him home. “The progression of us was so good,” Rachel said of their connection (via Us Weekly). “We were moving there. In a different setting, it may have worked, if we had more time with no distractions.”

Eric, who admitted before joining the reality show that he had never fallen in love before, took Rachel’s words without any hint of bitterness. “I was a boy and became a man because I felt love…thanks to you,” he told Rachel.

It is no surprise that some viewers felt that Eric was the one that got away for Rachel. “HOW ARE YOU HOW'S YOUR HEART?" MARRY THIS MAN WYD!!!??? #TheBacheloretteFinale,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Eric and Rachel met before they were introduced in “The Bachelorette.” The personal trainer revealed that he previously saw the reality star at a gym they both went to. “I live in LA and I think Rachel was in LA at the time, and I have a gym that I train at. I walk into the gym one day and there’s Rachel,” Eric told Life & Style. “So I actually saw her prior to the time I was supposed to see her. So when I got out of the limo, that was actually the third time seeing her.”

Eric admitted that he previously approached Rachel at the gym and even commended her for working hard in keeping her body fit. Eric also teased that they would be meeting again in the future. “I said, ‘You look good,’ and then I told her I would see her soon.... and that was it,” he recalled.

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