Before ABC airs the Season 13 finale of “The Bachelorette,” the winner of Rachel Lindsay’s installment is rumored to have already been revealed. With three men left -- Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus and Eric Bigger -- it may seem like a hard choice, but spoilers indicate Rachel did eventually make a decision.

Ahead of the 2017 finale, Rachel has revealed on Twitter that she will choose someone who has similar goals to her own. “I want somebody who wants what I want AND wants it with me,” she tweeted after Monday’s episode. “Stay tuned to see who I found that w/ on the finale.”

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While Rachel did not indicate any favoritism between the final three in her post, promos for the finale do reveal drama ahead for the finalists.

Despite having noticeable chemistry with Peter this season, and being a rumored winner early on, it doesn’t appear things will end well for the personal trainer. In Week 8, Peter and Rachel were at odds over their polar opposite ideas regarding a proposal. After Rachel stated she felt a proposal was serious but didn’t mean it would immediately result in marriage, Peter admitted he didn’t feel the same way.

“If we really want this and we want each other then somebody’s gotta bend,” Rachel said after Peter stated his belief that “engagement is marriage.”

The two didn’t come to a decision in the scene, and it doesn’t appear they will be able to compromise according to the season finale trailer. After showing Peter and Rachel both in tears, one scene shows Rachel telling her final three she didn’t come on the show for a boyfriend. “I didn’t come here to date. I didn’t come here to have a boyfriend. I want a proposal,” she states.

While this disagreement may seem like a good thing for Eric and Bryan’s chances, Bryan did fare too well during Week 8’s meeting with Rachel’s family. After having two positive dates with Peter and Eric, Bryan was grilled by Rachel’s loved ones.

“I was very open with my feelings from the get go,” Bryan told Rachel’s love ones in episode 8. “From day one, I felt she’s my girlfriend.”

Rachel’s sister, Constance, however, didn’t buy it. Constance told the cameras she felt Bryan was a “charmer” and not sincere. When Rachel picked up on her family’s behavior, she made it cleat to the cameras she was hurt.

“I was very excited to introduce Bryan to my family but I felt like my excitement wasn’t reciprocated by my family,” she said. “Bryan is fine but I am frustrated because the energy is totally different then it was the other two days with Peter and Eric.”

[Warning: Finale Spoilers Ahead]

While it is unconfirmed by ABC who Rachel will choose in the finale, spoilers for the final episode indicate Bryan will leave the show engaged to his year’s star. After reporting Peter as the winner ahead of the show’s premiere in May, spoiler blogger Reality Steve backtracked in June, claiming Bryan was actually the one who stole Rachel’s heart.

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“I’m sure all the Rachel/Peter fans are about to go into cardiac arrest, but I’m here to tell you…the spoiler I posted on May 17 was wrong. Rachel is engaged to Bryan Abasolo,” the blogger, who has predicted several season’s winners, wrote.

“Nothing I say will convince people who want to believe she’s with Peter that she’s not and she’s with Bryan. All I can say is in two months, you’ll see that Bryan is the correct ending.”

Before viewers will see Rachel get engaged, they’ll get to hear her rejected contestants speak in the highly anticipated tell-all episode. ABC has revealed Dean, DeMario, Kenny and Lee will be among the men who appear in the installment.

Catch “The Men Tell All” Monday, July 31, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC. “The Bachelorette” Season 13 finale airs Monday, Aug. 7.