• Mika Brzezinski revisited the time former President Donald Trump told her Melania never had plastic surgery 
  • Trump made an infamous tweet in 2017 saying Brzezinski was "bleeding badly from a face lift" 
  • Many Twitter users didn't believe Trump's claim that Melania never had cosmetic surgery 

Twitter users have mixed opinions on former President Donald Trump's claim that his wife Melania Trump never had cosmetic surgery.

In a tweet in June 2017, the ex-POTUS notoriously claimed that MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski was "bleeding badly from a face lift" during a New Year's Eve visit to Mar-a-Lago. The infamous tweet happened after Brzezinski and her husband, MSNBC co-host Joe Scarborough, visited the Trumps at their resort in Florida a few days after she had a procedure done to reduce wrinkles under her neck.

Brzezinski got candid about Tump's tweet in a new interview for the "New Abnormal” podcast. According to her, the tweet happened after a conversation she had with the couple in their bedroom eight weeks after Trump had won the presidency.

"I'm talking to Melania about it, woman to woman, then Donald came up and said, 'you know, Melania has had no work done. She's perfect.' I'm like, 'that's great,'" Brzezinski said.

Twitter users reacted to Trump's statement after it resurfaced and they have mixed opinions on the issue. Some did not believe the ex-POTUS and accused him of lying.

"He literally lies about everything," one commented.

"Only cosmetic surgery and Botox could create that appalling look .... so much Botox she’s lost the ability to use any facial muscles so has the constant look of an angry expressionless mask!" a second netizen wrote.

"She’s pretty both ways, but dude be real. Yeah it’s a personal thing, but when u live in the public eye and ur pix r accessible everywhere, just admit it or say no comment," a third user added.

"He has never spoken the truth before why start now. Of course, she has had surgery look at her new nose.. come on," a fourth netizen wrote.

"Lie!!! it’s pretty obvious she had a facelift," another user stated.

Meanwhile, a number of netizens defended Trump. One said maybe he meant that Melania was perfect for him because she is his wife regardless if she had surgery or not. Many also praised Melania because for them, whether she got surgery or not, they still find her beautiful at present.

"Every man thinks his wife is perfect," one commented.

"It doesn't hurt that Melania is one of the most Beautiful women in the world, and her voice is intelligent and feminine," another wrote.

"Melania is the most beautiful FLOTUS with class and grace since Jackie O!" a different user added.

"The most Intelligent, educated, speaks 4 other languages fluently and the most beautiful First Lady America has ever had. Melania is wonderful," a fourth netizen tweeted.

"Regardless of all the slights the beauty received from the media, pictures are forever and generations 100 years from now will still recognize Melania as the classiest, most beautiful firs [sic] lady ever," a fifth user wrote.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump
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