• Several Twitter users find Netflix's content mediocre
  • Some Twitter users said Netflix is increasing subscription rates due to greed
  • Many customers are considering canceling their subscription  

Netflix users are not happy with the reports that the subscription-based streaming service is increasing the monthly subscription rates because they are not satisfied with its current content offerings.

The streaming giant will increase its subscribers' monthly plan by $1 to $2, but its cheapest plan will remain the same at $9. Several netizens urged Netflix to improve its content, so it won’t lose subscribers.

"If Netflix wants to raise their prices.. AGAIN... they’re gonna have to give us better content!" one tweeted.

"Netflix can [explicit] all the way off! They raise the price every year yet the content isn't getting better and they're cancelling popular shows," another wrote.

"Bold of Netflix to raise its subscription price given that they've been producing mostly mediocre content as of lately. If they don't produce better original content, they'll lose subscribers fast," a different user added.

Meanwhile, some said that Netflix could be raising the monthly subscription due to greed. A number of businesses were affected by the lockdown, but Netflix was among the few that had an advantage. In fact, it gained 16 million new subscribers in the first quarter of the year due to the pandemic because many people were locked at home.

"'Globally, Netflix currently has 195 million subscribers and is profitable. The reason for the raise in pricing is not known at this time.' Greed! It’s not that difficult of a concept," one wrote.

"Gamespot says the reason for the price hike is unknown at this time, even though Netflix is profitable. I know the reason! It’s GREED!" a different user added.

"Most companies: Subscriber growth is down, maybe we should create better content or something. Netflix: costumer acquisition costs are really high, let's just raise our price by 10%,” another wrote.

Due to the increase, many subscribers are considering canceling their subscription because Netflix is "no longer economical as before." One said he would unsubscribe because he doesn't like the way Netflix treats its clients anymore.

Netflix reported slowing subscriber growth in the past quarter after an acceleration in the early days of the pandemic
Netflix reported slowing subscriber growth in the past quarter after an acceleration in the early days of the pandemic AFP / Olivier DOULIERY