Hillary Clinton
In this photo, Hillary Clinton kicks off her book tour of her memoire of the 2016 presidential campaign titled 'What Happened' with a signing at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square on September 12, 2017 in New York. Getty Images / Timothy A. Clary

Hillary Clinton may have lost the 2016 presidential election, but MSNBC host Rachel Maddow declared she "is not a retired politician" after an hour long interview with her Thursday.

Her assessment was echoed by many on Twitter as well, with many users agreeing with Clinton's take on last year's election, the Donald Trump presidency and current political situation around issues such as the Russia Investigation, North Korea, and DACA.

The interview with Maddow was a part of a book tour for Clinton's "What Happened," which follows her journey during the 2016 election.

Speaking about the situation in North Korea, Clinton said it was important for the country to work with allies like South Korea, which she thought the Trump administration was alienating; she also said Trump was failing to bring in experts to deal with the situation.

“We have decimated our state department. I don’t believe that people who have decades of experience with North Korean diplomacy are being brought to the table, even though they should be,” she said.

Speaking on the contentious Russian meddling in the presidential election, she summed up what Trump aspired toward. “I do believe Trump admires authoritarians. He doesn’t just like Putin, he wants to be like Putin. He wants to have that kind of power that is largely unaccountable,” she said.

Following Clinton's interview, many users on Twitter commented how different the country would have been if Clinton had been elected the president of the U.S.

A Twitter user by the name Joy Reid was quick to draw comparisons between Trump and Clinton. “Excellent @HillaryClinton interview by #Maddow, and what a reminder of the contrast between the president we have and the one we could have,” she tweeted.

Bob Cesca from the Stephanie Miller Show called Clinton an exceptional woman. “Watching HRC on @Maddow and growing furious (again) at whoever first said presidents should be like us. They should be exceptional like her,” he tweeted.

There were many other tweets which hailed Clinton's clear headedness and articulateness, with many users asserting she should have been the president of the U.S. instead of Trump.

Even after the interview, Maddow couldn’t stop singing praises of the former presidential candidate as she sat with her colleague Lawrence O'Donnell during their hand-off, saying Clinton was still well versed with the current condition of the country.

Summarizing her takeaway from the interview, Maddow said Clinton was far from a retired politician and was "still very much in the arena."

"I know she said she's not going to run again but this is definitely somebody who is still very much in the arena given the circumstances of her election and who won against her I think that's an incredibly interesting dynamic for the country moving forward," Maddow added.