Kanye West may have ended his feud with Kris Jenner, but Twitter won’t let him forget about the time he called his mother-in-law “Kris Jong-Un,” an obvious spin on Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un's name.

On Tuesday, the “Yeezus” rapper appeared to compliment Jenner by praising her musical ear. “My mother in law Kris Jenner ... makes the best music playlist,” he tweeted along with a smiling face emoji.

However, fans were quick to remind him about the comments he made last month in his Twitter rant about Jenner. As a result, the phrase “Kris Jong-Un” went viral nationwide on the social media site on Tuesday.

“Didn’t u call her Kris Jong Un like last week lmao,” one individual wrote about the now-deleted rant.

Another fan tweeted, “So we just gonna act like you didn’t call her Kris Jong Un, and stated publicly that she exploits her kids for Playboy?”

One person referenced the movie “Get Out,” which tells the story of a white family that tries to take control of the mind and body of an African American man. “We ain’t forget how you called her Kris Jong Un. If they tapped that teacup just say that!!” the individual tweeted.

Another user suggested that West stole the viral nickname for Jenner from Dave Chappelle when the comedian visited him in Wyoming.

“Somebody said when Dave Chappelle went to see Kayne he called Kris Kris Jong Un mid-conversation & I totally believe that. Cause Kayne ain’t that funny,” the fan wrote.

At the time of West’s erratic tweets, sources told TMZ that the rapper was suffering from a bipolar episode, which put a major strain on his marriage with Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West Kanye West is seen in New York in November 2019. Photo: AFP/Angela Weiss