• John Mulaney gave Seth Meyers a timeline of his relationship with Olivia Munn in an interview
  • Several think that Mulaney detailed the timeline to save himself from the cheating allegations
  • Many Twitter users reacted to the interview, claiming Mulaney did cheat on his wife with Munn

John Mulaney shared the timeline of his relationship with Olivia Munn in his recent interview when he confirmed that they are expecting their first child together.

Mulaney appeared on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" Tuesday. During the interview, he explained that he went into rehab in September and got out after a month. Then he moved out from his shared home with his estranged wife, Anna Marie Tendler. In the spring, he went to Los Angeles where he met and started dating Munn. But the timeline based on his recollection is "tenuous," Page Six reported.

"I don’t think it’s any coincidence that John broke the news of Olivia’s pregnancy the way he did in terms of basically giving a timeline of his past few months — when he moved out of his house, how it was the spring when he fell in love with Olivia," a celebrity agent who has worked with Munn told the outlet. "It seems to me that he is going to great lengths to dispute the idea that he cheated."

Twitter users also speculated that he cheated on his wife with Munn. Many of them said they were disappointed with Mulaney.

"Trust issues stem from men like John Mulaney who built a career on the cornerstone of loving his wife and not wanting children, only to cheat on his wife and have a child with his mistress," one netizen slammed Mulaney on Twitter.

"Let’s not gas up men who make half their standup about their brilliant wife only to cheat and leave her in shambles to get Olivia Munn pregnant. I’m not supporting this. Seth, please never let me down. You seem like such a good man," another added.

"The way #JohnMulaney went into such detail about when he met #OliviaMunn is very odd. Like he really wants us to believe he didn't cheat on his wife the second he got out of rehab," a third wrote.

Meanwhile, some netizens sided with Mulaney because they didn't think his love life should be other people's business. They also urged the others to just leave Mulaney alone.

"I had to look at what John Mulaney did to prompt so much anger  — it's because he may have cheated on his wife? I mean, of course, it's not great to cheat on someone but it also feels like it's none of our business and the scale of this public outrage seems really weird," one commented.

"Twitter crying about John Mulaney and Oscar Isaac being with other women is crazy. These Hollywood people live completely different lives than us. Let them cheat in peace and set boundaries with your partners!" another added.

"Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I don't think John Mulaney's personal life is any of our business. I feel sorry for his ex-wife, but he left her before starting a new relationship so he didn't cheat and he's within his right to start a new relationship. He's ... recovering," a third user opined.

Despite the backlash about his relationship with Munn, the comedian made it clear that he is in a "beautiful" relationship with someone "incredible." He also said that his girlfriend and their upcoming baby saved him from himself.

"Olivia and this baby have helped save me from me in this early journey out of recovery," he said.

John Mulaney wife John Mulaney and his wife Annamarie Tendler Mulaney. They are pictured at the Independent Spirit Awards on March 3, 2018, in Santa Monica, California. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images