Twitter is making a slight change to your notifications tab. You may or may have already noticed that in addition to likes, retweets and mentions some other information about the people included in your Twitter network is now available.

Twitter confirmed to Tech Crunch that the new feature started rolling out last week accompanied by no formal announcement on iOS, Android and Web devices and platforms of the app.  While it’s not totally new information to the app, the placement of the notifications is new. Twitter also told Tech Crunch that the goal of the change was to make sure users weren’t missing out on anything they might find interesting on the app.

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Now the notifications tab on the site also houses interesting links, trends or accounts. For example, you might get a notification alerting you that several people you follow all interacted with a particular tweet that you may not have seen otherwise. These notifications are indicated by the Twitter icon rather than the icons for retweet or like.

These notifications have been integrated in the app as push notifications for quite some time. Additionally, some users have had this change in their app for as long as six months. Twitter rolls out changes to certain groups of users at a time to test them before rolling it out platform wide.

Twitter has been making changes to the platform for months to improve user experience including multiple changes to lower the incidents of harassment on the app. Ed Ho, the general manager of consumer product and engineering for Twitter wrote a blog post for the site last week detailing how effective the safety updates have been. Ho wrote that Twitter is handling 10 times as many abusive accounts each day than it was this time last year. He also noted that there was still work to be done to improve the site.

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As always it’s taking users some time to get used to the new notification update. Many have been tweeting about the change as they notice it to express their dislike, or like, of the change. Some users have been looking for a way to turn the notifications off, something that doesn’t seem to be an option even in the notification preferences.

Others are confused about why they’re getting the new notifications.

And some are wondering if they’re alone suffering the new notifications that are filling up their pages.