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  • Twitter user enrages Shiba Inu token founder
  • Shytoshi Kusama responds back in a thread
  • Shib Army comes out in support of Kusama

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of the Shiba Inu project, recently got into a Twitter spat with a user who goes by the name J_Squawk.

The founder and lead developer of the meme coin responded from his Twitter handle, expressing his anger when a user claimed that collaborations by the Shiba Inu team were not fruitful in real life and would not help in the growth of the project.

Jsquawk, who goes by the username @j_squawk on Twitter, questioned the lead developer of the Shiba Inu project about some recent steps taken by the team for the growth of the project. He asked if the Shibaswap version 2 is being outsourced then who is running the Welly's chain of restaurants. But that seemed to have touched a raw nerve with Kusama, who then fired off a series of tweets in reply.

Shytoshi made it clear that he believes that Shiba Inu's collaboration with Welly's would help the project grow. He also said that Shiba Inu has achieved feats and reached milestones that many other projects take decades to achieve. He asked the Twitter user to stop criticizing the project.

Kusama was provoked enough by JSquawk's tweet, that he even let a vulgarity slip into his first tweet addressing his critic.

Shytoshi's tweet received over 1.2 thousand likes and many Twitter users came out in his support.

JSquawk tweeted from his account to say that Shytoshi's answer was not satisfactory to him and he had received an answer from Kraken.

Recently Shiba Inu announced a partnership with the food joint Welly's, which was what JSqawk was referring to.

The team also has plans for launching their Blockchain network called the Shiberium and their Metaverse project, codename Shiberse. They would also be bringing out their official game in the first quarter of 2023.

As per data from Coinmarket Cap, Shiba Inu Coin was trading at $0.00002966, down 4.99% in the last 24 hours, at 4:25 a.m. EST.