Kylie Jenner's boyfriend Tyga has been slapped with another lawsuit. In this photo, the rapper poses during the 2016 BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 24, 2016. Getty Images

Looks like Tyga won’t be serving hard time after all. Earlier this week a warrant was issued for the “Stimulated” rapper’s arrest due to unpaid rent and damages to a now abandoned property totalling nearly $480,285.

Tyga quickly lawyered up and was able to get in touch with his scorned landlord. Both parties are said to have come to an agreement, and as E! Online reports, the details of their settlement remain under wraps. Both Tyga, 26, and his former landlord are said to be “very happy” with whatever agreement they’ve reached. While much of the case is said to be “confidential,” E! Was able to obtain legal documentation that states that Tyga has agreed to pay $16,000 per month to his ex landlord.

“There has been a settlement reached to the mutual satisfaction of the parties,” lawyer Danny Abit told E! “My law partner Boris Treyzon intends to appear in court tomorrow morning to request the court to quash the bench warrant due to the settlement of the parties.

A warrant was issued for Tyga’s arrest on Tuesday after he failed to appear in court. Kylie Jenner’s on-again, off-again boyfriend was scheduled to field questions from his former landlord’s legal team about his finances. He provided no reason for not showing up, though it is believed he was away with Kylie celebrating her 19th birthday. TMZ reported that his failure to appear added insult to injury, landing him an arrest warrant on top of a pre-existing bench warrant.

Tyga has a history of stiffing property owners — in addition to having been evicted from his home in February, the “Hookah” rapper has had a car repossessed. Still, he continues to make expensive purchases. On Aug. 6 it was reported that he rented a mansion for $46,000 per month. Prior to that People magazine broke the news that he purchased a Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600 for Kylie, which cost upwards of $189,000. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star was seen posing inside the vehicle on Snapchat, showing off its many luxury features. The car came with a fridge, folding tables, rear interior mirrors and pink lights. Her mother, Kris Jenner, could be heard comparing the car to a “private plane.”

Kylie previously commented on her beau’s alleged financial woes, responding to rumors that she leant him $2 million. In March she tweeted that all stories claiming that she was funding his luxurious lifestyle were “lies lies lies.” Tyga has yet to speak on his current legal situation.