tyler posey logan paul
Tyler Posey, pictured at Hulu’s New York Comic Con After Party at The Lobster Club on Oct. 6, 2017 in New York City, is telling fans not to stand up for bad role models. Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Hulu

Tyler Posey took to Instagram on Wednesday to share his thoughts about celebrity role models, both the good and the bad. The social media video comes amid the controversy surrounding YouTuber Logan Paul and his insensitive New Year’s Eve vlog.

“It’s nice to stick up for the people you admire and stand by their side through good and bad but you have to know when someone isn’t being a good role model and when to walk away,” Posey captioned the video.

Though he doesn’t mention Paul in writing or in the clip, that hasn’t stopped viewers and commenters from assuming that’s what he’s referring to. Paul posted a video over the weekend that included the dead body of someone who’d committed suicide, with Paul and his friends even making a few jokes about it throughout the lengthy vlog.

After it hit the internet, social media exploded with people calling him out for his lapse of judgment with the video, though he still had some fans defending him, which is something Posey doesn’t think fans should do.

“It’s me, Tyler Posey, I was on a show called ‘Teen Wolf’ on TV and I have followers on social media and I’m in the limelight,” Posey started off his Instagram video. “If me, or one of my fellow celebrity friends or whoever is out there in the limelight, if we do something wrong, morally and humanly, don’t respect us for it.”

He continued: “It’s nice to stand by somebody’s side that you admire and look up to, but you can’t stand by our side through everything. If we [expletive] up then we should be treated that way. That’s all I have to say. We’re no better than you. We’re humans, normal humans. And if we mess up, don’t praise us for it.”

After starring on MTV’s hit series “Teen Wolf” for six seasons, Posey is used to the spotlight, as well as having a lot of fans in the same demographic as Paul, which makes his social media platform the perfect place to reach mutual fans. By not mentioning Paul’s name, though, it allowed Posey to speak more generally to make sure his followers understood that he’s talking about all celebrities, even himself.