Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks, photographed at the Hollywood Reporters Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast in Los Angeles on Dec. 9, 2015, opens up about her struggle to become a mom after welcoming her first child via surrogate. Getty Images

It's been a long, hard road for Tyra Banks, but she and longtime boyfriend Erik Asla are finally parents. The former supermodel has spoken openly over the years about her struggle to conceive, but did not go public about seeking out a surrogate until Wednesday when her baby arrived. Now Banks, 42, is sending a message of hope to other women in similar situations.

Banks released a statement to People magazine in which she opened up about how hard the journey to motherhood was on her and Asla. She told the publication that her "journey" was an uphill battle, but her son, York Banks Asla, is the light at the end of the tunnel. The former "FABLife" host said she couldn't help but think of all the women of the world who cannot conceive or struggle with fertility when she looks at her son. Banks added that she has been praying for them and will continue to do so.

"We are so excited for our new baby boy bundle of joy. The journey to now has not been an easy process, as I've shared before. But there was a beautiful bright light at the end of the tunnel for me and his father, Erik," Banks said. "As I gaze into the beautiful eyes of my son, I think about all the people who struggle with fertility or carrying a child and continue to pray for them every day. My hopes and dreams are filled with well wishes that they get to feel what my little treasure, York Banks Asla, feels like in my arms."

Banks announced the arrival of her son late Wednesday night. She shared the good news on Instagram, posting a photo of a standard issue hospital cap with a revealing message. In her caption she told fans the baby was "the best present" adding that he was the perfect mixture of both her and Asla. Banks thanked her surrogate for carrying the child, calling her an "angel," before giving the newborn a proper "welcome to the world."

The proud new mom last opened up about her fertility in September 2015. Banks opened up about putting off motherhood, repeatedly telling herself, "I'll have kids in three years." By the time she reached 40 she knew it was time to get to work on having children or kiss her dreams of motherhood goodbye. Banks said she'd had her ups and downs while trying to get pregnant, acknowledging that "it's difficult as you get older."