As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine rages on, U2’s lead vocalist Bono and lead guitarist The Edge made a special trip to Kyiv to give an acoustic concert to an audience that included soldiers.

On Sunday, the musicians performed in the Khreshchatyk metro station, which was turned into a makeshift bomb shelter.

“President @ZelenskyyUa invited us to perform in Kyiv as a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people and so that’s what we’ve come to do,” Bono and The Edge shared in a tweet.

During their set, the duo performed some of U2’s hits, including “Vertigo,” “With or Without You,” “Angel of Harlem,” and “Desire.”

Bono and The Edge also treated the crowd to a rendition of Ben E. King’s song “Stand By Me” and replaced the word “Me” with “Ukraine.”

Bono later praised Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for his strength amid the country’s battle with Russia.

“Your president leads the world in the cause of freedom right now ... The people of Ukraine are not just fighting for your own freedom, you’re fighting for all of us who love freedom,” Bono told the audience. “We pray that you will enjoy some of that peace soon.”

Bono went on to share words of encouragement throughout the 40-minute concert to uplift the crowd. “This evening, 8th of May, shots will ring out in the Ukraine sky, but you’ll be free at last. They can take your lives, but they can never take your pride,” he said.

Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24 and has attempted to make its way to Kyiv. However, Russian soldiers were later withdrawn from near the capital at the end of March to focus on attacking eastern Ukraine.

Bono belted out U2 classics from the platform of Kyiv metro station
Bono belted out U2 classics from the platform of Kyiv metro station AFP / Sergei SUPINSKY