Uber has been tarnished by scandals and privacy issues lately, but it’s still trying to make rides better for users. The company announced an update Thursday, which allows users to enter cross streets for pickups and destinations in an effort to help protect users’ privacy.

“Not everyone loves sharing their address with someone they just met in order to get that ride,” said Uber in a post. “In fact, many riders have told us over time they prefer not to share any personal information when they Uber. Their feedback: it would help them feel safer and better protect their privacy if the address could remain private.”

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How To Keep Your Destinations and Pick-Up Addresses Private On Uber

To go from A to B without revealing actual addresses of drop-off and pickup locations, type in the two cross streets names, such as 25th Street and 7th Avenue or Van Ness & Broadway.

If the cross streets aren’t populating on the app or if you’re not sure what they are, you can type in the exact address then move the pin on the map to where you want to request the pickup or drop off.

request_cross_street-1 Uber Uber update lets users plug in cross streets instead of actual addresses to protect privacy. Photo: Uber

The update would help people maintain their home addresses and where they're making trips to private. 

“Cross streets give riders another choice about how they want to Uber – and hopefully more peace of mind along the way,” the company said.

Uber is rolling out the new update to all U.S. cities.

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The update comes after Uber recently made another change to its app which lets users edit pickup addresses after they have booked a ride.