If you’ve wanted to #DeleteUber but couldn’t because there was no alternative in your city, you may be in luck.

Thursday Lyft launched service in more than 50 new cities, in addition to the 40 cities the company introduced last month. Calls to #DeleteUber crept up first in January after Uber drivers broke a taxi strike during protests in New York, and again over the weekend when a former engineer for the company released an article detailing the mishandling of sexual harassment claims at the company.

So rider-sharing customers have been weighing the alternatives to Uber. But one factor that kept some from deleting the app was a lack of service in their city. The new launch added cities primarily in the eastern half of the country and along the East Coast where the ride-sharing company is now operating.

These additions are part of a plan to expand in 2017 that the company has been implementing to bring service to more people around the U.S. Check to see if your city has Lyft here.

Lyft New Cities: 

lyft new cities feb Lyft added over 50 new cities to its network in February. Photo: Lyft