After a successful string of “Street Fighter” comics, UDON Entertainment has decided to relaunch the title as “Street Fighter Unlimited,” a new monthly comic series that will hit comic book stores this December. The new series will supposedly combine all the fighters from the 30-year history of the “Street Fighter” franchise into one action-packed extravaganza of a storyline that fans of the video games have come to expect.

The announcement was made on the main UDON website where it was also revealed that veteran “Street Fighter” writer Ken-Siu Chong will be returning to the new “Street Fighter Unlimited” comic as a writer. He will be joined by artists Joe Ng and Edwin Huang who will rotate art duties after each four-issue arc, giving the comic two distinct and recognizable art styles.

Newsarama has also confirmed the return of the four-page backup stories that will take place after every issue, which will feature a rotating team of writers and artists who know their “Street Fighter” lingo. Jim Zub (writer of “Skull Kickers” and “Figment”) and Adam Warren (writer-artist of “Empowered”) are just some of the talents that will take part in these short but action-packed  four-page tales with familiar characters from the popular Capcom fighting game.

UDON is also promising a story of epic proportions, featuring a number of fan-favorite characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Alex, Guile, Cammy and more as they take on the dreaded Shadaloo organization of long-time antagonist M. Bison. That’s not all, however, as Gill and the mysterious Secret Society will also stand in the way of the comic’s leads, which will eventually lead to the biggest “Street Fighter” tournament seen in any comic.

With “Street Fighter V” scheduled for a 2016 release, it makes sense to publish a new “Street Fighter” comic as a way to let fans get pumped up for the upcoming game. The comic, in particular, seems to be a standalone story and probably won’t have any ties to “Street Fighter V.”

“Street Fighter Unlimited #1” will come out this December with a backup story from Jim Zub. “Street Fighter V” will be exclusive to the PC and PlayStation 4 but currently has no official release date aside from a vague 2016 one from Capcom.

Street Fighter V: Ken Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Street Fighter)