A self-titled UFO expert claims that the Curiosity rover took some photos of what appears to be an “alien base” that’s shaped like a pie pan turned upside down.

Self-confessed astrobiologist and UFO researcher Scott Waring was looking at some of NASA’s photos when he saw something that caught his attention. In an entry on the ET Database, Waring claimed to have seen an “alien base” near the Curiosity rover, which is exploring the surface of Mars at the moment.

Upside down pie pan

Waring said he was looking at some of the photos the rover recently uploaded to the internet when he found an interesting “structure” that appears to be “metallic.” What’s more, this “structure” seems to have a “transparent” part, which might be because it has some glass panels where the aliens could look to the outside.

According to some details indicated near the photos on NASA’s website, they were taken in Sol 2432, on June 10, 2019. They can be accessed here and here.

In a YouTube video, Waring explained that this “alien base” that’s shaped like a pie pan turned upside down could’ve been a UFO that crashed on that area of Mars. Since then, the aliens have been using it as some sort of living structures or as a base of operations.

Here's a delicious pie sans the aliens. Pixabay/RitaE

More interestingly, Waring said, is the fact that “the NASA Mars rover is ignoring the UFO while it passes so close by.” He said the rover just keeps taking photos, then keeps uploading the photos to the internet without making any noise. This lack of noise about these things, he said, can be explained easily.

Waring claimed that NASA is not supposed to “report real alien news” or if there are “alien artifacts” anywhere. He then accused NASA of “appeasing” the public by “drip-feeding” them with things about Mars that are already known to the public.

Mistaken identity

While some YouTubers were astonished at Waring’s “find,” one eagle-eyed YouTuber found evidence that this “alien base” is nothing but “a rock.” The evidence is a photo of the same location taken during Sol 2431 -- just a day earlier. Waring’s “alien base” can be seen towards the right end, and it’s obviously just a rock.