A self-titled UFO expert claimed to have found evidence that an alien base lies beneath the surface of the waters off the coast of Mexico, and that there’s a “crystal blue UFO” located at the far end of this “base.”

Prominent alien conspiracy theorist Scott Waring was looking at Google Earth when he claimed to have found evidence of an “alien base” just a few miles off the coast of Mexico. In an entry on the ET Database, he said that at the far end of the “alien base” is a massive “Crystal Blue UFO” that measured about 1.8 miles across in both directions.

“Thats a big alien craft!” Waring claimed.

Waring said that since the “UFO” is parked underwater, and so “is more of a USO (unidentified submerged object).” This “UFO” sits at a point where underwater “three runways” meet, he claimed.

Alien base

Waring claimed that the “UFO” is a small one compared to the “alien base” where it quietly sits under the water. The “base” is a huge one, with runways that measure up to 77 miles long, Waring said. He made a video to show how “big” it is.

The runways, Waring speculated, could be used by the “aliens” to take off safely. The runways also appear to be devoid of fish, sharks and whales “so the USOs travel more safely.”


Waring even goes on to make outrageous claims saying this “alien base” could very well be the lost island of “Atlantis,” the mythical island that sunk to the bottom of the sea. In Waring’s words,

“The advanced beings on the island of Atlantis had a blue giant crystal that lengthened the citizens lives, power their technology and in the end...destroyed Atlantis by sinking the city below the ocean,” he said.

Waring claimed that the “crystal blue UFO” might be that “blue giant crystal” mentioned in the story. If so, he said that whatever nation gets that “crystal” can become a world power for as long as they have that “crystal” in possession.

Other outrageous claims

Waring previously claimed that there’s an underground base near the original Area 51 base, and that this new one could be used to develop new technologies using “alien technology.” He said he found the “base” using Google maps.

This outlandish claim, however, is wrong as the “base” he pointed to on the map is actually a large piece of land art known as “Complex City.”

A roadside collection of alien dolls and toy UFO saucers is seen next to a roadside residence neat Jacumba, California, Oct. 7, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Blake