A prominent alien hunter said he has found satellite images of what he claims to be an “underground base” that might be used to develop things with alien technology.

Self-titled UFO researcher Scott Waring was looking at an online map showing Area 51 in Nevada when he claimed that he was surprised to find “a new base” some miles away from the old one.

In an article on ET Database, Waring said this “base” is something that he has never seen before. He said he has already written several things about Area 51, but has never seen this new “underground base” located about 55 miles away from the Area 51 base.

An underground base?

In a video he uploaded to YouTube, Waring said the “new base” appears to be an “underground base” with “sliding doors” big enough to let “alien spacecraft” in or out. It also appears to have several structures where many things can be done in secret, like developing new spacecraft using alien technology.

Waring also claimed to have found some “huge air vents” that are large enough to “pull fresh air down into the underground facility.” These vents, he said, are located at the far end of the “base,” and are capable of providing ventilation to the facility.

He also said there appears two be two fields located near the “underground base.” These “fields,” he said, look like they might be used in “genetic research.” He then claimed that the people working in the “base” might be “altering the genetics of the plants for unknown reason.”

Moreover, Waring also claimed that there’s some sort of “high-tech hangar” in the “farm” beside the “fields.” This “hangar” is surrounded by trees. He claimed that this “hangar” could be an exit point from the “underground base,” but is surrounded with trees so that whatever people of Area 51 could be doing there using “alien tech” could be kept secret.

Ground, not underground

Waring is obviously shocked with his “new finding,” but the whole world isn’t. The “underground base” he reported here isn’t related to Area 51, and the “farm” situated near it isn’t used to keep alien technology hidden nor used for genetic experiments.

Some YouTubers commenting on Waring’s video said that the “underground base” is actually a piece of land art called “Complex City” created by artist Michael Heizer. The nearby “farm” is actually Heizer’s house, according to this site.

Complex City is an earthwork made of rocks, dirt and concrete, Atlas Obscura noted. It is almost the same length as that of the national mall in Washington D.C., measuring about 80 feet high, 1/4 mile wide and 1 1/4 mile long. Heizer started working on it in 1972, and once finished, is expected to last for thousands of years.

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