A UFO expert claimed to have photographed three unidentified objects flying in formation in the U.K. According to the UFO expert, the objects appeared briefly before disappearing completely.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base noted that he is currently in the U.K. for a tour. While riding inside the tour bus earlier today, he spotted three similar-looking objects flying in a triangle formation in the sky.

Waring said the small fleet of UFOs appeared for about 15 seconds before disappearing. Unfortunately, since he was inside a moving vehicle and the trip was a bit bumpy, he was only able to take one clear photo of the objects.

Although Waring insisted that the objects were actual UFOs, it’s possible that they were fighter jets from the U.K.’s Royal Air Force because of their triangular shape. The aircrafts were probably conducting a patrol drill over the area.

Military aircrafts are known to fly in formation under the command of their flight leader. The most common pattern utilized by aircrafts is the V formation because it increase the planes’ flight range and aerodynamic efficiency by reducing the effect of drag.

An aircraft being mistaken as a UFO is not uncommon. The stealth attack aircraft F-117 Nighthawk that was developed by Lockheed was previously mislabeled as a UFO during its test flights in the 1980s.

Aside from its odd triangular shape with sharp angles, another aspect that contributed to the F-117 being mistaken as a UFO was its previously classified status. Since the aircraft was designed as a stealth attack plane, it was developed in secret. Due to strong speculations from the public regarding the nature of the aircraft, the U.S. Air Force was forced to publicized the F-117’s existence in 1988, according to Business Insider.

Similar to the F-117 Nighthawk, another plane that was widely mistaken as a UFO was the B-2 Spirit Bomber made by Northrop Corporation. Like the former, the latter’s development was shrouded in secrecy. Also, its overall design made it look like a giant flying triangular wing, causing some people who saw it from the ground to classify it as a UFO.