Things got pretty serious -- and bloody -- on tonight’s episode of “Under the Dome.” From Barbie’s shocking family-tree discovery to a blast from the dome’s past, episode 10 had us yearning for more by the time “The Fall” ended. And luckily for fans we’ve decided to recap episode 10 with 5 of the most shocking moments from “The Fall.

1. A Ghost Visits Chester’s Mill: Angie might be dead but she’s definitely not gone! The deceased Chester’s Mill resident paid Junior a shocking visit during tonight’s episode of “Under the Dome” to give her boyfriend some valuable advice.

After Junior and Melanie finished their discussion on the egg’s safety Angie appeared as an apparition to her former beau in the safety shelter. “Think about what you’re doing. You’re going to want to follow your heart,” she said as blood started pouring from her head. We later found out that Angie was referring to Junior’s impulse of wanting to kill his uncle for murdering her. Just as he’s about to swing his ax Angie appears a second time.

“Junior, stop!” she screamed as he lifted the weapon. “You can’t kill him. Sam still has a part to play. If he dies everyone under the dome will suffer.” Angie then begged him to stop avenging a love that never was. Instead of treating her like a lover, Junior acted as if Angie was his possession and locked her away. To prove he really did care about her he spared Sam’s life.

“See, I really did love you,” he said to her.

2. Barbie Has A Sister: Barbie confronted Melanie about his odd memory that occurred on his way back to the dome. For those who don’t remember the scene from episode 9, Barbie envisioned a memory of him as a little boy talking with Melanie next to the red door he painted with a yellow hand print.

Melanie seems to recall the moment, adding that her mother had brought her there. She said that she remembered a man constantly apologizing to her mother, Laura.

“My parents used to fight about a woman named Laura,” Barbie revealed, later coming to the conclusion that he and Melanie are actually brother and sister. Apparently Barbie’s father had a child with a woman named Laura.

3. Pauline Predicts The End of The World: After coming face-to-face with Big Jim and Junior, Pauline spent the remainder of her day at the dome predicting the future with each stroke of her paint brush. When Big Jim found his wife the second time he spotted her prophesying the end of the world all while struggling from the screeching sound of the egg. However, Big Jim could’t hear the blood curdling noise his wife was talking about -- that is, until he walked near the shelter, housing the egg.

under the dome season 2 spoilers "Under the Dome" characters Joe and Norrie race to find the coveted egg in episode 10 of Season 2, "The Fall." Photo: Brownie Harris/CBS©2014

4. Big Jim Wreaks Havoc: No surprise here, right? During episode 10 Big Jim caused the largest amount of drama thus far when he greedily tossed the egg over the edge of the cliff. After finding the egg -- thanks to it’s unpleasant noise -- Big Jim held Joe and Norrie at gunpoint to bring the egg over to the portal. Once they arrived he smacked the egg out of Norrie’s hand into the black abyss.

“See, no one’s dying. Everyone’s OK,” he said. Seconds later the cave started to collapse. Actually, everything in Chester’s Mill began to fall apart. The dome shook relentlessly, freeing Phil from prison and causing Melanie to faint.

5. Death By Dome: Once Phil escape he was spotted by Barbie, Julia and Rebecca making a beeline to the portal. However, it was only until after he jumped was it revealed that the portal to the real world had been closed off and replaced with spikes. “There’s a bottom now,” Barbie said, witnessing Phil's dead body impaled on a wooden stake peering from the ground. That's when Julia made the devastating conclusion they really are stuck in the dome -- and just as the dome's beginning to get colder and colder.

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