Under the Dome season 2 spoilers
"Under the Dome" will return to the small screen June 30 will a brand new season. CBS/UnderTheDome

“Under the Dome” will be back this summer with a new season, and dare we even say more drama than ever? The CBS series, based on Stephen King’s novel, will make its riveting return on June 30 at 10 p.m. EDT for its anticipated Season 2 premiere.

“We’re really excited because [King] is bringing his usual twists and turns and shocking events,” Neal Baer, executive producer of the series, said during a sneak peek promo.

We wonder what surprises he’s referring to. Hopefully it has something to do with the Season 1 finale that left us sitting on the edge of our seats. When we last saw the citizens of Chester’s Mill, they were watching Barbie get accessorized with a noose. Will fans of the show find out Barbie’s fate when episode 1, “Heads Will Roll” airs?

From watching the dramatic trailer we can conclude that Barbie’s life is still in jeopardy when the sophomore season begins. During his execution, conducted by Big Jim, something happens that causes the townspeople to drop to the floor. Or are the forced down to the floor?

“I think the Dome is trying to tell us something,” an officer says.

Throughout the rest of the trailer, we see eerie clips of citizens being dragged against their will. Not only are people being affected by telekinesis of a mysterious origin, but so are objects. The only person not seen to be under the unknown power is Big Jim.

“Tell me what to do. Tell me!” he cries, kneeling next to the body of the young officer.

What is wreaking all the havoc in Chester’s Mill? According to Baer, “what’s outside comes inside” during Season 2 of “Under the Dome.” Perhaps he’s referring to new characters.

“Junior’s uncle, who’s been hiding out, might cause some problems for Barbie,” the producer revealed. “We have a young school teacher who is quite strong and forceful. She might cause heat for Big Jim.”

But with the addition of new characters comes some unpleasantries. According to the leaked trailer, two “Dome favorites” won’t survive the first episode.

“No one is safe in this town,” Brian K. Vaughan added.

Are you ready for “Under the Dome” to air this summer? We can’t wait to find out what the dome is protecting Chester’s Mills from. Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions.