'Under The Dome'
Piracy of the CBS summer hit "Under The Dome" has increased as customers continue to be affected by Time Warner Cable's blackout of CBS-owned stations. CBS Entertainment

The “Under the Dome” series premiere left plenty of unanswered questions for fans tuning in. With the larger mystery of the dome cutting off the town from the rest of the world, as well as other secrets involving the town’s inhabitants, there are a few spoilers for the next episode of CBS’s hit show, “The Fire.”

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for “Under the Dome.”

As the title of the episode indicates, expect a fire to temporarily divert the attention of the town from the mysterious dome enclosing Chester’s Mill. A town fire may not be so problematic if the fire department was available, but, as seen in the premiere episode, the fire department is trapped outside of Chester’s Mill. According to SpoilerTV, the fire is caused by a new character, Reverend Coggins.

Reverend Lester Coggins, played by Ned Bellamy (“Being John Malkovich”), accidently sets fire to Sheriff Howard “Duke” Perkins’ home. The fire will burn down the sheriff’s home and will challenge the residents of Chester’s Mill. As the season goes on, expect plenty of tense moments that will not only create friction between people but also give new insight to the characters. “Under the Dome” is poised to be a series that examines personal character and humanity itself as one of the main taglines for the show is “the biggest threat they face is each other.”

CBS released a new preview for the second episode that offers a glimpse of the fire, as well as other pivotal moments. Some of the highlighted events include Barbie and Junior getting into a fight, stemming from Junior locking Angie away in an underground bunker. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Brian K. Vaughan revealed Joe McAllister, Angie’s brother, will go on an adventure with his friend Ben to map out the dome and learn about some of its properties during the episode.

View the preview for “The Fire” below. “Under the Dome” airs on CBS on Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT.