The Ghostman
Ghostman ORION

Warner Brothers has snatched up the rights to the yet to be released book, The Ghostman. The book follows a cryptic man who works to aid robbers after they commit crimes. Jack Delton, is the man people look to when they want to disappear. Dalton is a master of creating new identities for criminals looking to assimilate into society. His life is one of peaceful mystery until his old partner, Marcus, lures him into a world of murder and risk. The race-against-the-clock thriller centers on deals gone badly, deception, and financial scandal.

Roger Hobbs, who wrote the book at just 22, is believed to have worked out a script deal with Warner Brothers. His second novel, Vanishing Games, is slated for a 2014 release. It's rare for a young writer to achieve so much success in such a short time. Furthermore, movie deals for books that haven't even been published yet are rare. However, the plot seems like the ideal film scenario. It would be the perfect vehicle for a number of Hollywood's pool of leading men as well as appealing character actors.

Heist films, such as Heat and The Italian Job tend to fare very well at the box office. They make for commercially appealing blockbusters that tend to lure the masses to the theater. It's clear that The Ghostman will likely contain high-speed chases, stylized plot reveals, and gun fights. All great ingredients for a successful action film.