"UnREAL" stars Shirri Appleby (left) and Constance Zimmer (right) shed some light on the Season 1 finale at the Creative Arts Emmys. Pictured: Appleby and Zimmer as Quinn and Rachel, respectively, in the "UnREAL" Season 1 finale. Lifetime

"UnREAL" may be about the making of "Everlasting," a controversial (fictional) reality show, but the two most entertaining characters on the Lifetime series are the "real life" behind-the-scenes producers Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and Rachel (Shiri Appleby). After the credits rolled on the live, wedding-filled "Everlasting" finale, within the "UnREAl" Season 1 finale, Quinn and Rachel shared an affectionate, if confusing, moment that left many fans with a lot of questions. Luckily, the show's stars, Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby, shed some light on the cliffhanger at the 2015 Creative Arts Emmys Saturday.

At the end of the Season 1 finale, Rachel delivered both big ratings and some payback during the live "Everlasting" wedding special, engineering Anna (Johanna Braddy) leaving Adam (Freddie Stroma) on the altar after Adam previously -- and off-screen -- chose not to run away with Rachel as the pair originally planned. However, while Rachel was happy to make good on her promise to Quinn to produce a blockbuster finale, she was shocked to find out that Quinn was the one responsible for Adam getting cold feet about running away with her. Quinn had told Adam that Rachel was on the brink of a mental breakdown and that their relationship could put her over the edge. While Rachel had every right to be furious at her mentor, she instead seemed more eager to revel in their television success. Rachel confessed, "I love you. You know that, right?” Quinn's reply -- “I love you, too...weirdo."

The exchange had many viewers wondering what the finale would mean for the future of Rachel and Quinn's relationship. Would Rachel retaliate after Quinn's sabotage? Would the pair just move on peacefully? Saturday Zimmer and Appleby helped read between the lines of their characters' season-ending conversation.

“I felt like [Rachel] was saying, ‘I love you, but you’re killing me on the inside,’ ‘I love you and I’m going to get back at you,’ and ‘I love you, you’re the only person I really have in this world,'” Appleby told TVLine.

“It definitely has this something’s-not-right feeling, which is a great way to end the season, to see how she’s going to take that and use it against me or for herself," Zimmer added. “Ultimately, the people were really into the relationship of Quinn and Rachel. That was the best way to end it — to show that you can be 100 percent in love with someone, but know that they could possibly be pretty bad for you. We just have to figure out what that is for both of us.”

So, it seems like however it plays out, Season 2 will be the Quinn and Rachel show, but where does that leave Adam? Despite the fact that Adam would not be a contestant on "Everlasting" anymore, he could still stick around to fight for Rachel's heart. The show's producers say they are leaving the door open for Stroma's character to return. However, the English actor recently got another high profile gig -- HBO's "Game of Thrones." In the upcoming sixth season of the popular fantasy series, Stroma will play fan favorite character Samwell Tarly's (John Bradley-West) brother, Dickon, according to Entertainment Weekly.

How will it all go down in "UnREAL" Season 2? Fans will have to wait to find out. The Lifetime series returns in 2016.