• Shake Shack employees were not held liable for the alleged milkshake poisoning
  • Chief Rodney Harrison announced the result of the investigation, Tuesday
  • Netizens slam NYPD over their claims
  • The Detectives Endowment Association stated the incident
  • They claimed it was “intentional poisoning”
  • The group subsequently expressed appreciation to Shake Shack
  • The officers who drank the milkshake are recovering

Netizens slam the New York Police Department of over claims that some of their officers were allegedly poisoned at Shake Shack after Chief Rodney Harrison announced on Tuesday (June 16) that there was no criminality done by the restaurant’s employees.

The Detectives’ Endowment Association, earlier, tweeted that three officers were intentionally poisoned by one or more workers at the Shake Shack, Monday night. The New York City Detectives’ Labor Union revealed that the alleged poisoning incident happened at 200 Broadway in Manhattan.

The said labor, under the “Urgent Safety Message” alert on Twitter, revealed that the officers were not seriously harmed and asked the public to see their published safety alert.

Harrison, chief of the Detectives Bureau in the NYPD, announced on Twitter that an investigation had been thoroughly conducted by NYPD’s Manhattan South investigators. The investigators determined that there was no criminality on the part of Shake Shack employees.

Urgent Safety Message is now trending on Twitter as several netizens react to Harrison’s announcement.

Some netizens said that the news no longer came as a shock as it allegedly happens every time.

A Twitter user pointed out that Detectives’ Endowment Association issued a statement earlier that it was an “intentional poisoning,” even before the conduct of an investigation.

Other netizens questioned the release of Harrison’s announcement regarding the result of the investigation.

Some netizens defended Shake Shack and wanted the NYPD to apologize to the New York-based restaurant. Others demanded the truth and asked NYPD to reveal the whole story.

The Detectives Endowment Association subsequently issued a statement, via their official Twitter account, thanking Shake Shack for their cooperation during the investigation and the NYPD personnel for efficiently responding to what they described as a “potentially disastrous situation.”

The association added another tweet saying that a cleaning solution —described as toxic substance— had “accidentally” made its way to the officers’ shakes. They were relieved to hear that there was no intentional attempt to harm the officers. They added that the NYPD policemen would make a full recovery.