The U.S. is trying to see if a new set of dollar coins can catch on after previous attempts have fizzled.

Thursday, the United States Mint will begin circulating $1 coins featuring George Washington, the first U.S. President. Every three months a new coin featuring a different President will be introduced.

Two of the most recent attempts at launching one dollar coins took place in 2000 and 1979. The latter currency featured famous American Flag maker Susan B. Anthony and the former featured and Sacajawea, a native American woman interpreter who helped explorers Lewis and Clark traverse North America.

At a kickoff event at New York City's Grand Central terminal on February 15, those interested will be able to exchange their dollar bills and quarters for $1 coins.

During recent weeks, the Mint has given the coins a tour through ten major U.S. cities.

The Mint says that retail businesses and financial institutions are participating in the program. In addition, schools and teacher are being encouraged to use the coins as tools to inform their students.