Jefferson County in Louisville, Kentucky has always prided to be the home for million dollar houses in the U.S. The county, called the Possibility city, has seen the economy grow at 4% a year and has been named by as one of the top 20 places in America to raise a family. In fact, August fund receipts were up 3.3% to $ 642.6 million for Kentucky, due to better economic activity.

Louisville, home to the headquarters of Yum Brands, which owns Pizza Hat and KFC, and has operations of Johnson and Johnson is a very exciting place to live.

But the economic downturn that has hit America has had an impact on high value home sales in the county. If recent sales of homes are to go by, only 22 homes that are priced more than $1 million were sold from the county till June this year. This is in contrast to 64 homes that were sold during the same period in the peak of the housing boom in 2006. That is almost one-third less now, according to Business First's special section on Home for the county.