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Actor Milo Ventimiglia, pictured hosting “We are Timex” event in New York City on Sept. 25, 2017, talked to International Business Times about “This is Us” Season 2. Monica Schipper for Getty Images

"This Is Us" fans have been waiting six long months to find out answers to some of their burning questions about the show's beloved Pearson family. And while some of those questions may be addressed in Season 2 of the NBC series, they're not necessarily what star Milo Ventimiglia is most looking forward to seeing play out.

In an interview with International Business Times, who caught up with him at the Timex "We Are Timex" event in New York City Monday night, Ventimiglia admitted that while there are several questions fans want to see answered on the show —most notably, how his character, Jack Pearson dies— he is simply excited for fans getting to know and become even more acquainted with the Pearson family.

"There's not really anything gnawing at me," he told IBT when asked what he would like to see play out in the series' sophomore season. "… [It's] nice to get to know more about [the] family."

Fans were first introduced to the various members of the Pearson family— consisting of Jack, his wife, Rebecca, (Mandy Moore), and their children, nicknamed the Big Three— Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz) and adopted son Randall (Sterling K. Brown). During the series premiere, fans learned how the characters were all connected, and realized that Jack and Rebecca's scenes all took place in a past narrative, while the scenes involving their now adult children were all set in the present day.

Fans were stunned when the show revealed in the fifth episode that Jack was absent from the present-day narrative for a good reason—he was dead. They learned in episode 13 that the kids were roughly all teenagers when their father passed. The only question that wasn't answered during Season 1, however, was how his death happened.

The show's cast has previously admitted that when fans learn about how Jack died it would be surprising and "painful." While no specific details have since emerged, the actors, as well as the show's creator, Dan Fogelman, have all admitted that the answers will come in Season 2, and that they would even arrive as soon as the premiere.

Metz recently told Entertainment Weekly that fans should look out for a subtle clue in the premiere episode, admitting that some would catch on to the hint about Jack's death quickly, while others may not find it to be as obvious as it's been hinted at before.

"It might not be as obvious as maybe what Dan [Fogelman] is saying, and maybe it might be to some others," she said. "You definitely want to pay attention to something that might be very subtle—or perhaps small—but very instrumental in the discovery of Jack's passing."

However, even with the big reveal about Jack's fate potentially happening very soon, Ventimiglia says that overall, the new season won't differ too greatly from the one before it because the true premise and purpose of the show isn't changing.

"It's not so different from Season 1. We're getting to know the Pearsons," Ventimiglia told IBT. "[We're] still doing that."

"This Is Us" Season 2 premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.