Usain Bolt cheating update
Usain Bolt is still partying in London following reports he cheated on his girlfriend of three years, Kasi Bennett. Pictured: Bolt at the Rio Olympics on Aug. 19, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Getty Images

Usain Bolt isn’t done celebrating his success at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The Jamaican sprinter, who took home three gold medals during the Olympic games, was spotted partying again in London with a group of women he met at the club.

According to People magazine, Bolt was seen Friday night at Mayfair’s Novikov restaurant before partying at several different clubs in the West End until the early hours of Saturday morning. The outlet reported that it was the athlete’s fourth night out since competing in the Olympics, and he ended his latest partying streak by bringing a group of women back to his hotel. The Daily Mail reported that among the bevy of ladies accompanying Bolt to his room was British model Erica Carvalho.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Bolt was photographed partying at London’s Cirque le Soir nightclub before bringing about 10 women back to his hotel. Sources told People the group of women left the club before he did and waited for him outside his hotel until he arrived. “They all went back to his hotel room and stayed up there until the early hours, so it must have been a good party,” the source said, adding that Bolt looked “really happy” and seemed to be in “really good spirits” all night.

Before heading to London to party, Bolt celebrated in Brazil where he met 20-year-old student Jady Duarte. Duarte and Bolt were seen in photographs posted online getting extremely cozy. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Duarte described her night out with Bolt saying that they had “passionate and hot” sex after leaving a club together.

While Bolt continues to enjoy himself overseas, his longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett is said to still be in Jamaica. The 26-year-old hasn’t directly commented on the cheating scandal or her situation with Bolt, but has been sharing cryptic tweets about her mood.