Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt appearing on SNL with Taran Killam playing Paul Ryan. SNL

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt made a brief cameo in the opening skit of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend to contradict Paul Ryan, being portrayed by Taran Killam, in a parody of the vice presidential debate.

The world’s fastest man appeared on screen after Killam’s Ryan claimed to have participated in and won the 100 meters at the London Olympics. Ryan’s SNL impersonator asked for Bolt to come on stage to confirm his claims that the Republican won the Olympic race, but Bolt discredits the statement.

“Usain please tell [the audience] who won the 100 meters,” requested Killam’s Ryan, to whomBolt replied: “I did.” “And where did I finish?” asked Ryan’s character; “You didn’t finish. You weren’t even there,” said Bolt before giving a thumbs-up and walking off stage.

The brief skit that opened the program didn’t feature Bolt for long, but USA Today states that it “left the biggest impression.” While in New York, the 100-meter gold medalist also appeared on “Piers Morgan” and “Sportscenter.”

Jason Sudeikis played Joe Biden in the VP debate skit that poked fun at the two candidates’ performances last Thursday. Ryan’s previous questionable claims about his marathon times (reported by the Christian Science Monitor, among others) and his lack of details, as well as Biden’s aggressive debate style, were both mocked in the parody.

Bolt made a second appearance later in the night during the soap opera spoof skit “The Californians.” The skit features blond-wig clad cast, and had a fake preview of a coming episode where Bolt is looking for his biological father.

Christina Applegate hosted the Oct. 13 episode of the weekly skit show that featured two cameos from Bolt. It was Applegate's second time hosting, following an episode from 1993, reports Today.

Synthpop band Passion Pit was the musical guest, performing their songs “Take A Walk” and “Carried Away.”

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