Utopia Fox viewers
"Utopia" premiered on Fox on Sunday, but will viewers stick with the series? Adam Rose/Fox

Fox’s newest reality show, “Utopia,” follows a group of people who are trying to build their own society -- but first they have to see if they can build an audience. Fox is planning to air the series over the next year, so they'll need a steady fan base. But the network must see if audiences will really be interested in this "social experiment," which premiered on Sept. 7.

"Utopia" puts a group of very different people in a remote location (in Santa Clarita, California) and forces them to work together to create their version of a perfect world. It’s different, especially considering the effort the network is putting in. There are 129 cameras capturing every move of the Utopians. If fans are willing to pay $4.99 a month, they can watch the Utopians online whenever they want. The “social experiment” resembles “Big Brother,” but without the prize. The participants just get the pride of knowing they survived a reality show. Also, instead of voting people off to make the cast smaller, people get voted out of “Utopia” and replaced by a new Utopian (possibly someone who was watching the show before they were cast).

The premiere featured a lot of nudity, two Utopians forming a separate colony called “Utopia State of Freedom,” two other couples dating and a contestant being taken out to a hospital for dehydration. Plus, the Utopians had their first trial as Utopian Josh got drunk and harassed everyone. They sentenced him to 90 days without alcohol. Obviously, Fox found some interesting contestants for their show, but will they keep viewers interested?

“Utopia” premiered on Sunday to 4.6 million viewers, losing a huge portion of the audience from its lead-in, an NFL game (almost 20 million). The ratings aren’t bad, but it’s not clear if those viewers will stick around for Tuesday night’s episode. Will you be tuning in? Take the poll:

"Utopia" airs Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox. Did you like the premiere? Sound off in the comments section below!