• The Solarus boss fight has three different phases
  • Failing to defeat the boss in the third phase will partially reset the fight
  • Beating Solarus rewards the Summon Fallen Angel ability

Silverlight Hills is home to some of “V Rising’s” most dangerous enemies. This is even more apparent when it comes to the bosses in the area.

Solarus can be considered the final boss in the game’s current Early Access phase. He is a level 80 enemy who uses a wide variety of attacks that hit extremely hard, especially against the unprepared.

This legendary paladin may be the bane of all vampires, but he is not immortal. Here’s how to beat Solarus in “V Rising.”

Solarus the Immaculate Location

Solarus always spawns inside the heavily fortified Temple of Light, which sits at the eastern border of the Silverlight Hills. The boss arena is indoors, which means players won’t have to worry about sunlight when fighting Solarus.

The area is filled with level-appropriate Silverlight mobs like Knights, Paladins and Clerics. Make sure to avoid taking too much damage from them before reaching the boss room.

Solarus Boss Fight Tips

There are three phases in this boss fight, so expect it to last for a few minutes.

Solarus’ basic attacks are relatively easy to dodge so long as players are paying attention. Dodge or block any incoming attacks and whittle the boss’ HP down to 50% to start the second phase.

Here, Solarus will summon an angel who will fight alongside him. Do not engage the angel since it will become immune to damage and heal back to full after it drops to low health. Focus on Solarus and avoid all damage as usual.

When the boss drops to 10% HP, he will begin to heal himself. This time, players should focus on defeating the angel to end Solarus’ healing and to begin the third phase of the fight. He will gain a leap attack and a bullet hell move in this phase. Should players fail to beat him in time, the fight will revert back to phase two.

Recommended Gear and Powers

Gear score should be as high as possible during this fight, and consider using axes or hammers for their added mobility.

Additionally, bring powers that can help with avoiding damage like Mist Veil. Sanguine Coil is also great for topping off HP mid-fight, though Chaos Volley will be better as a DPS tool.

V Rising features fast and frantic action from a top-down isometric perspective
V Rising features fast and frantic action from a top-down isometric perspective Stunlock Studios