Teachers always deserve a bit of extra appreciation, so why not take advantage of Valentine’s Day to express your gratitude for all the hard work your favorite teacher puts in? Because the day is less about gift-giving than other holidays are, there’s little pressure to come up with something spectacular to present to your teacher. Even small tokens can go a long way if you put some thought into them. Below are a few ideas you can pull together at the last minute:

Chocolate: Though it's hardly the most original idea, chocolate is almost always a safe bet, especially if you’re unsure what your teacher might like. To set your chocolate gift apart, forget the drugstore-bought heart-shaped box and try hand-picking a few of your own favorite chocolates and putting them together in a colorful gift bag. A variety is also a good idea in case your teacher has an aversion to milk chocolate.

Cookie Mix: A slightly more creative alternative to a box of ready-to-eat sweets is a box of your favorite cookie mix (or brownie or cake mix) so that they can indulge their sweet tooth at their leisure. Don’t forget to put a bow or ribbon on the box to make it more festive.

Tea: Exotic, flavorful teas are only a supermarket trip away and can be a great way to set your Valentine’s Day gift apart. To keep it Valentine themed, you might choose a red rooibos herbal tea but, regardless of the flavor, tea is always a nice, understated way to treat your teacher.

Travel Mug: While this option could end up being a little more pricey than others, it’s almost certain to be a hit with your teacher, who will likely appreciate a stylish way to stay hydrated or caffeinated on the go.

Homemade Card: Stop by your favorite crafts store and pick up the most interesting, colorful materials you can find. Even if you’re not the most artistic person, a homemade card made out of eye-catching paper can be an easy, fairly affordable way to show your teacher how much they mean to you. If you’re stumped about what to write inside, the Latin Times has compiled a list of good ideas and inspiration.

School Supplies: Don’t assume your teacher already has enough of these. Post-it notes and colorful pens always come in handy for busy educators and, if you put in a bit of extra time at the office supply store, you can turn this practical gift into a creative one by carefully curating the items. Rather than standard-size yellow Post-its, try colorful ones of different sizes along with some multicolored highlighters. Put your mini-school supply gift package into a small basket for added effect.