Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the Human Barbie is calling other women ugly.  Instagram/Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova often makes headlines as the Human Barbie, but she’s currently grabbing them for less than ideal reasons, after making comments where she referred to other women as ugly on social media.

According to The Daily Mail, in a video Valeria posted online, she attacked women she perceived as ugly, including actress Sarah Jessica Parker, whom she said had a “horse face,” and said that women who were “ugly” were also too lazy to make themselves beautiful, and that the way they handled things also reflected their “inner ugliness.”

“Some girls simply think that nothing can help them when all they do is lie on a couch eating pastry... I believe that all these aspects are connected with the inner ugliness,” she reportedly said.

But who exactly is the Human Barbie, and why does she think she’s an expert on appearance? Here are five things to know about her:

She's Been Around For A Few Years

Valeria, a Ukranian model, first made waves in 2012 when she was initially discovered on the Internet and her resemblance to a Barbie doll was first noted. Due to her large breasts and tiny waist which mirrored the unrealistic proportions on the toy, her big eyes and blonde hair, she became an overnight sensation.

She Has Claimed In The Past To Have Never Had Plastic Surgery

Despite her looks and body not seeming natural, Valeria has insisted in the past that she has not had plastic surgery to achieve her looks. She has saidin the past that she would consider it if it was required.

She Has Previously Identified As A “Breatharian” And Courted Other Controversy

Her recent comments calling other women ugly aren’t the first time Valeria has courted controversy. In a 2014 interview with GQ, she shocked when she claimed beauty like hers was no longer easy to achieve because people of different races were mixing together, resulting in degeneration. Also in 2014, she said she was embarking on a “Breatharian” diet, where she would subsist on light and air alone, and consume no food or beverages.

She Does Not Get Along With Human Ken

Justin Jedlica, who is known as Human Ken, and Valeria do not get along, meaning the real-life Barbie and Ken won’t likely ever exist. Jedlica, who has undergone over 140 procedures in the past to make himself look like Ken, admitted he didn’t think she was “anything special” when he met her, and even called her his “arch-nemesis.”

After An Attack, She Began Bulking Up

After she was allegedly attacked in 2014, Lukyanova reportedly admitted she “no longer liked” her body and wanted to build some muscle to make herself stronger.