• "Valheim" is currently available on Steam Early Access
  • The game's executive reveals future updates would include potential nerf on some weapons
  • "Valheim" creator announced four major game updates but don't have any dates yet

The Viking-themed survival game "Valheim" is still in Steam Early Access, but its raging success is undeniable. Fans are wondering now what Iron Gate has in store for them aside from the announcement of the list updates the team shared recently.

Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios and designer of "Valheim," recently sat with Washington Post and shared exciting updates fans could look forward to. "Valheim" is a player versus environment (PvE) game, but Törnqvist believes that if the player versus player mode grows popular, they might consider doing more with the mode. "The player-versus-player mode is just for “bash[ing] your friends over the head,” but if it grows more popular, the developers will consider doing more with the mode," the executive noted.

Future updates would definitely include balancing, which entails potential nerf on some weapons. The bow and arrow weapon is a bit overpowered and would probably get nerfed in a later patch," Törnqvist said. Currently, Iron Gate is looking for a quality assurance manager, programmer, and animator to join its team of five. These new members will “handle the flood of incoming bugs,” the executive shared.

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After dealing with more serious bugs, the studio will shift to introducing more content. The executive is aware that it is crucial to provide players with something new to play and explore. “We realize it’s important to keep players playing and giving them more to explore, more to build, more to do, basically.”

Törnqvist revealed to Washington Post, "[The team is] working on adding more content as fast as possible. But that’s also the thing. No matter how much content you add in, you will always have people that are already done with it, basically on the same day. That’s something I’ve learned the hard way.”

Earlier, Iron Gate announced the four major updates launching in "Valheim" this year. However, the executive said they "don’t have any dates yet for any of them." The major updates are focused on building, expansion, exploration and combat. The third expansion centered on ships, while the fourth update will complete the Mistlands--one of the Viking-themed game's unfinished biomes.