• "Valheim" allows players to build a base
  • Players could design their base according to their preference
  • One of the neat ways to enemy-proof a base in "Valheim" includes a bit of stone farming

Building a base in "Valheim" is crucial and players must create it in such a way that it can withstand raids and other forms of attacks from different kinds of enemies. This guide might come in handy for players looking for ways to build a raid-proof base or enemy-proof house.

Understanding "Valheim" Mechanics

When building a raid-proof base or enemy-proof house, players must have a comprehensive understanding of the game's mechanics. This way, they can design their base in a defensive manner, making it sturdy and efficient enough to avoid or evade raids and attacks from enemies. These mechanics include hostile creatures could not use stairs; Trolls can throw rocks and stones at the player's base if they find it unreachable; Trolls can fall inside a trench if the cliff's edges are unstable.

Best Ways To Create Raid-Proof Base or Enemy-Proof House

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Use Leeches for Defense

Players can dig a moat deep enough that enemies would not be able to stand. They need to link this moat to a deep part of the swamp and load it with leeches. These leeches can annihilate everything that dares steps in the water.

To do this, players should look for a location, probably near a body of water or next to a swamp biome. After that, they should start digging the ground up to the point where they could already swim and then move forward. They have to do it until the moat is finished. In the center of the build area, players need to raise the terrain 1 or 2 times and level it out. The goal is to make the terrain impossible to climb up to.

Stairs With A Gap

This one is ideal for a starter base since it's quick and easy to setup. "Valheim" players just need to create stairs and leave a gap at the bottom. Make sure that this gap would require players to jump, which is smart since enemies cannot jump.

Raise The Ground

This method requires a little bit of stone farming and in some way "cheaty." Players essentially need to raise the land up and put structures on it to get it off the main ground. This is the safest and the most event-proof base build players could do.

Players just need to find an area that is almost leveled. After leveling the area, players should raid up one section to the fullest, then they could start building. They should also run stairs down the size and place a horizontal support beam for every three stairs. "Valheim" Players should continue doing this until only one stair is off the ground.