• "Valheim's" FPS can be improved outside of the game's menus
  • Players can add two lines of code to the boot.config file in the game's installation folder
  • The game can be set to Exclusive Fullscreen mode via Steam and High Priority mode via Task Manager

Despite not being too graphically demanding, “Valheim” can still be taxing on low-end computers. The number of particle effects and physics simulations in the game can make some weaker PCs drop to their knees even if they’re well within the game’s minimum system requirements.

Setting all of the graphics options to low may fix the problem for some, but for those who want to maximize their FPS in “Valheim,” they’ll have to do a little bit more than that.

Here’s how to improve FPS in “Valheim” for a smoother overall experience.

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Edit the boot.config file

“Valheim’s” settings can be tweaked outside of the game itself. Reddit user RustyB3ans detailed the simple steps players will have to do to get significant FPS games for “Valheim.”

According to the Reddit user, two lines of code can be added to the “boot.config” file located in the game’s installation folder to give a noticeable boost to frame rates.

Navigate to the installation folder by going to Steam then right-clicking on “Valheim.” Hover the mouse pointer over the “Manage” tab then click the “Browse local files” button.

Find the boot.config file in the “valheim_Data” folder, right-click on it then open it with Notepad.

Enter the following lines at the very top of the file:


Save the changes then log into the game. The frames-per-second should increase by a small amount on average, but the gains will vary depending on the computer.

Use high-priority mode

Open up the Task Manager and find the “valheim.exe” under the Details tab. Right-click on it, go to the “Set Priority” tab and click on “High.” This will make computers focus more processing power on the game.

Close any other unnecessary programs such as Google Chrome to ensure maximum system stability.

Edit Steam parameters

The game’s launch parameters can be edited to provide an FPS boost. Go to “Valheim” in the Steam Library and right-click on it, then click on the “Properties” button. Under the “General” tab, find the “Launch Options” section and type in “-window-mode exclusive” on the textbox.

This will force the game into Fullscreen mode, freeing up some extra resources and CPU load to help computers run it faster.

Combining these three fixes can help improve the overall “Valheim” experience for players with low-end computers. Do note, however, that mileage will vary per player.