• Iron Gate is set to release a new update in "Valheim" 
  • The said update has no specific release date yet
  • "Valheim" is now available on Steam Early

'Valheim' is one of the most successful Steam releases and continues to achieve many milestones. As most players finished the game, some uncovered unbelievable discoveries that even the devs did not reveal. One of these is the Sundial, a device that allows players to track the number of in-game hours they could put in.

How to Craft the Sundial

A few days ago, Reddit user civalry80 shared his very own version of a Sundial. It is just a fan-made concept and a pretty difficult one to master. Interestingly, up until this recent discovery, the only way players could keep track of time in-game is by using a mod.

The functioning Sundial allows players to know the time when the sun is about to set and when it is dusk. This is quite handy, especially for players who want to plan their next activities in-game. Venturing out in other biomes at night is a perilous task, and with a Sundial, players can avoid unnecessary death.

'Valheim'; the latest hit video game set in the vital and violent world of the Vikings
'Valheim'; the latest hit video game set in the vital and violent world of the Vikings AFP / Kilian FICHOU

Since the "Valheim" Sundial could be fashioned in various ways, crafting one could be a little bit confusing. Thanks to YouTube Paradise Central, there is now a comprehensive guide with a step-by-step process on how to make one. Players just need to have a few wooden building blocks and patience to create a Sundial on their base in "Valheim."

The process of creating a "Valheim" Sundial is available below. The content creator is kind enough to provide the list of required items, the logic being the design, and how to build it from scratch.

Aside from keeping track of the time in-game, "Valheim" players with the subdial on their base also have an aesthetically pleasing decor. It is crucial to know when the sun is going to set. It helps players determine when to go away from their base and explore uncharted territories.

New "Valheim" Update

Meanwhile, Iron Gate recently Teased about the next major update coming to "Valheim." While the devs did not yet reveal the specific release date of the update, it assures players that it would soon launch fresh content for them to explore, scavenge and enjoy.