• Act 3 of "Valorant" will introduce a new map and its 13th agent
  • "Icebox" will let players discover an expansive shipyard
  • Skye is the 13th agent of Valorant that can heal multiple players in an AoE
  • She can also summon pets to scout and do reconnaissance 

It’s time for Riot Games to announce a new agent as “Valorant” enters its third season on October 13.

With Act 3 of the 5vs5 tactical shooter just around the corner, fans are eager to experience what’s new in “Valorant.” In true Riot Games fashion, the new competitive season will bring to the table a new map – the fifth in the game – and important ranked matchmaking changes.

As reported by Engadget, the new map is called “Icebox” and, just like its name suggests, will be located in an ice-filled environment where players are required to “diffuse the spike on one of two bomb sites.” The developer teased the new map through a video entitled “Enter the Icebox,” showing an expansive shipping yard complete with crates and heavy machinery.

“Icebox” will be a tad different from other “Valorant” maps. Players will need to make use of zip lines “to retain the high ground” as opposed to using teleports or climbing ropes in previous iterations.

GEF has the backing of one major game publisher, Tencent, who own Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends famous for holding large tournaments in major arenas around the world Riot Games is set to announce a new map and its 13th agent in Act 3 of "Valorant." Photo: AFP / Lucas BARIOULET

“Icebox was designed to emphasize skirmishes, sharp aim and adaptive play. The gameplay premise of Icebox is that each of the sites are intended to be complex combat spaces that feature plenty of cover and verticality,” said Engadget, citing a statement from Riot Games Level Design Lead Salvatore Garozzo.

Meanwhile, the game’s 13th agent will accompany “Icebox” in Act 3 of “Valorant.” According to The Verge, Skye is an Australian agent with “supernatural powers.” The outlet further described Skye to be more of a “passive” hero with “human and non-human companions” that could turn any battle to their advantage.

Skye can, among others, summon birds to scout the map and dogs to “perform reconnaissance and stun opponents.” She can also use her Regrowth ability to heal every hero in an AoE. This, however, will have no effect on her.

Alongside “Icebox” and Skye, a new Battlepass will also be included in Season 3. Engadget added that it will have new unlockables such as new gun skins, buddies, player cards and titles and Radianite points, among others. It will cost 100 “Valorant” Points, or around $10. A new skinline called Singularity will have the “first weapon skins that have both an equip and reload animation” and “moving parts that animated on the weapon itself,” will also be available for a staggering $90.

The new Act 3 Battlepass, the Singularity skinline and the “Icebox” map will be up for grabs on Oct. 13. Skye on the other hand will be unlocked on Oct. 27.