It's easy for "Vampire Diaries" fans to get sucked into the Elena, Damon and Stefan love triangle and forget about everyone else! Executive Producer Julie Plec doesn't want fans to cast aside former couple Bonnie and Jeremy though.

According to TVLine, despite Bonnie and Jeremy giving up on their romantic relationship, they are still very connected...and the proof can be seen in a new picture from the Oct. 11 season four premiere!

The still from season four episode one shows Bonnie and Jeremy back in the old witch hot spot. With dozens of candles lit around them, the two hold hands -- but the hand holding is much more business than pleasure. Judging from the location the duo are in, Jeremy is probably helping Bonnie out with a spell.

As Plec explained, the two "are very bonded to each other." It could have something to do with the fact that Bonnie brought Jeremy back from the dead...twice, or it may have something to do with the latest vampire to hit Mystic Falls, Elena.

Plec revealed to TVLine that, "In spite of having found a piece of closure in their relationship, they will continue to be drawn to each other emotionally. Whether it's romantic or not, I can't say."

We have a feeling that the magic Bonnie and Jeremy reunion has something to do with vampire Elena. Throughout the past three seasons, fans watched as Bonnie and the others worked to protect Elena from whatever big bad came her way. Now, the pair might be working on a spell to make Elena human again.

Besides the rekindled relationship, fans can look forward to a "major game changer" in episode four of the "Vampire Diaries." revealed a spoiler that will affect the whole Mystic Falls crew. While what exactly the "major game changer" is may be a mystery, we do know that is has something to do with a flashback to the 1100s. The flashback will include a rugged, handsome and charismatic vampire hunter named Alexander. Whatever happens involving Alexander leads to a big secret "that will change the course of the season for everybody," explained Plec.

Since Alexander is a vampire hunter, will that mean the secret has something to do with newcomer Connor, the big bad vampire hunter to make his way to Mystic Falls this season?

Season four of the "Vampire Diaries" premieres on the CW on Oct. 11.