Vampire Diaries may have a couple more months to go before they return for their highly anticipated fourth season, but we have so many spoilers that we don't even mind the wait! We're going character by character to give you an up to date account of what your favorite Mystic Falls supernatural beings (and few humans beings) are up to when the Vampire Diaries returns to the CW on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

But speaking of the Oct. 11 Vampire Diaries season four premiere...the episode name has been released! According to TVGuide, season four will premiere with an episode entitled Growing Pains. We think the episode name suits the episode well! The premiere will pick up with Elena beginning her vampire transition, something that has been depicted as not only emotionally challenging, but also physically. Growing Pains can refer to Elena's transformation, her confusion over memories of Damon that she was once made to forget, or even the whole Mystic Falls crew dealing with their senior year amidst a lot of death (and a lot more trouble to come).

Now onto what Elena, Damon and the gang will be up to this season...


The girl of the hour! It looks like Elena will never be able to escape her love triangle with the Salvatore brothers because she's now living an eternal life with them. Executive Producer Julie Plec revealed some very juicy gossip about Mystic Falls newest vampire. According to Plec she is going to have her first hot vampire sex with another vampire, but the executive producer didn't say with who! TVGuide lists Damon, Stefan, Klaus, Matt and Elijah as possible suitors for the dead brunette.

Delena fans may be in luck with Elena remembering things she was compelled to forget. It's reported that Elena will remember a moment from season two in which Damon confesses that he loves her. Elena won't realize that it's a memory, and instead will think that the moment happened in the present, reports TV Guide. Could this evolve into the steamy sex scene everyone is talking about?


Damon might have lost a solid drinking buddy when Alaric died, but another vampire in town looks like he'll be filling in.

I think Tyler is up to the challenge of picking up at the bar where Alaric left off, Michael Trevino says of his character Tyler.

Ian Somerhalder fueled rumors of their newfound friendship, stating that enemies will become allies. But will Damon be drinking with Tyler...or Klaus in Tyler's body?


Stefan will have his hands full with a lot more than Elena. According to TVGuide, the vampire is getting a new set of wheels to show off his rebellious side. More specifically, the set of wheels is a motorcycle.

I ride a triumph but I'm hoping Stefan gets something vintage, Paul Wesley says of riding in season four.

Is the motorcycle a way to entice Elena, who may be digging someone with a bad boy image (like Damon)?


We know that Damon is pretty ticked off with Matt, blaming him for Elena's death. As we previously reported, Damon is going as far as seeking revenge.

Damon might end up seeking revenge on Matt for another reason. Elena's transition will make her very confused, and the new vampire might act on her old feelings towards her first love, Matt.

Caroline And Tyler

Besides Tyler being on good terms with Damon, we know that Caroline is going to be VERY happy to see him. In the season finale Tyler forced Caroline to leave, not wanting her to see him die. Trevino teased that when the two teens lay eyes on eachother again shirts are flying off. Trevino went on to warn fans that they will see big, spontaneous, explosion of joy with some kissing in the season premiere.

All might not be well for Caroline and Tyler though. Besides having Klaus taking over his body, his relationship with Caroline could possibly become strained when new girl Hayley shows up in Mystic Falls. According to E! News, Hayley is gorgeous, sexy, nurturing, tough and protective, and on top of that she also has a history with Tyler!


Jeremy might be moving onto another lady love this season - new character April! April was recently cast as former Nine Lives of Chloe King star Grace Phipps. Phipps character will appear in season two when she's forced to return home from boarding school due to the death of her father, Pastor Young. April and Jeremy were old childhood friends, and as actor Steven R. McQueen puts it, It will be interesting to see where they go with that. If the two do start something up don't expect it to be easy. McQueen revealed that Jeremy and Bonnie still have some unfinished business.


Bonnie will continue to be working with Klaus and hold the secret that he's actually in Tyler's body.

Bonnie tapped into something really dark at the end of last season and at the beginning of this season she's going to have to go back there and tap into it again, Plec revealed to Her journey for this season will be predicated on the outcome of that attempt, what happens and what it does to her.

Mystic Falls favorite witch will also be working closely with a new character, Professor Shane. Professor Shane works at the local university, and it said to know a thing or two about the paranormal.

A new romance is also on the horizon for Bonnie, but her new man is a mystery. One possibility is Connor, a highly trained killing machine that has moseyed into Mystic Falls.

Which character plot line are you excited for?