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Will the real Elena Gilbert please stand up ... CW

We’ve got a theory about the upcoming mid-season finale of “The Vampire Diaries” and it could be MIND BLOWING. With so many characters left struggling at the end of episode 9, episode 10 is bound to be explosive. So, what do we think is going to happen in “Fifty Shades of Grayson”? Katherine is going to switch bodies … with Elena.

As we previously reported, Katherine will become “frantic” as she quickly ages. A leaked sneak peek video from the episode reveals that the cured vampire will be turning to Matt with the hopes that he can delay her impending death by getting her in shape. But after beginning to lose her hearing, Katherine will soon realize that “Nadia may be the one who can solve her problem.”

How will Katherine’s vampire daughter, Nadia, be able to “solve her problem?” Our theory is that Nadia will use her traveler knowledge and “magic” to perform a spell that puts Katherine into Elena’s body.

The theory stems from TV Guide’s latest slew of teasers that offers three spoilers … but with only two of them being true and one of them being a lie. The three spoilers are below:

1.“There will be a major breakup.”

2.“A fan-favorite character will say goodbye for good.”

3.“Someone will pull a body switcheroo.”

While TV Guide won’t reveal which one of their spoilers is false, it’s easy to assume that one and three are the likeliest true plot details. “The Vampire Diaries” has no problem killing off characters, but since viewers just got Bonnie back, we’re going to speculate that they’re going to keep fan-favorite characters alive for the time being. The “major breakup” and “body switcheroo” are pretty likely due to the already strained relationship between Damon and Elena, and Katherine’s imminent date with death.

We doubt Elena would outright dump Damon over his big revenge reveal about the Whitmore family (Damon has definitely done a lot worse), but if Katherine did switch bodies with Elena, we could picture her ending things with Damon to be with Stefan.

But how are we so sure that Katherine is going to pull a “switcheroo” with Elena? For starters, Katherine is a survivor and will do anything possible to stay alive. Since becoming immortal via blood from a vampire is no longer possible, the only other way to ensure her survival is to become a vampire through other means. Katherine could switch with any ol’ vampire in order to make this work. However, Katherine’s self-obsessed with her image … and what better body to switch into than one that already looks like you! If Katherine and Elena do switch bodies, “The Vampire Diaries” would be pulling a page from the “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” handbook. Fans of the Sarah Michelle Gellar lead series will remember that fresh-out-of-a-coma Faith switched bodies with Buffy using a Draconian Katra at the end of season 4, episode 15. The contraption, gifted by the Mayor, allowed Faith to walk away scotch-free in Buffy’s body while the real Buffy got locked up in Faith’s body. In the next episode, “Who Are You,” Faith slept with Buffy’s boyfriend, Riley, before the real Buffy was able to get her body back with the help of Willow and Tara’s magic.

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