“The Vampire Diaries” is on its winter hiatus right now which is driving fans CRAZY. Fortunately the hit CW series won’t be gone for long, and is set to return with new episodes (and its 100th episode) on Thursday, Jan. 23. While viewers patiently wait for the drama to unfold, we’ve compiled a list of 14 juicy moments we’d love to see when “The Vampire Diaries” airs in 2014.  

-An Elena/ Katherine Switcheroo

Nadia and Katherine have already discussed using traveler magic to transfer Katherine from her ailing body. While Katherine could go into any other body she’d like, we’d like to think that the former vampire is so obsessed with her looks that she’d want to take over Elena’s body and woo Stefan. Plus, imagine what kind of havoc she could wreak while impersonating her better half.

-A Steamy Caroline And Klaus Kiss                     

“Vampire Diaries” fans were thrilled to learn that Klaus would be making his way back to Mystic Falls in a crossover episode. While we don’t know his intentions, we would happily take a steamy Caroline and Klaus hookup while he was in town – especially if Caroline was kissing Klaus to hurt Tyler.

-Tyler Begging Caroline For Forgiveness

Tyler left Caroline to seek revenge against Klaus. So far his plan hasn’t worked too well, and the hybrid is currently locked up in Marcel’s garden on “The Originals.” Our fingers are crossed that he’ll somehow return to Mystic Falls and beg Caroline to take him back. That doesn’t mean that we’d like Caroline to take Tyler back … but we would like to see her make him work for her love.

-A Supernatural Ghost Attack On Bonnie

Bonnie has been struggling to deal with her new life as the anchor. Since the pain associated with being an anchor drove Amara crazy, it would be pretty crazy to see Bonnie slip into a ghost-induced coma … trapped with the demons trying to pass to the other side.

-The Truth Regarding The Doppelgangers

Amara and Silas brought with them a tale about doppelgangers being drawn to each other by fate. Elena may have brushed off the whole “meant to be with Stefan” thing, but we’d love to see “The Vampire Diaries” explore the story line more. Is there a way for that fate to be broken? Or is Elena bound to end up with Stefan?

-Damon Hooking Up With Another Girl

Let me start off by saying that I am Team Delena all the way … BUT think about how juicy things would get if Elena discovered Damon with another girl? By no means do I wish a permanent break up for Damon and Elena, but it would be pretty fun for another party (other than Stefan) to put their relationship in perspective.

-A New Love Interest For Matt

Matt can’t seem to catch a break. This season he has been left by Rebekah, duped by Katherine’s daughter, and possessed by a traveler. Let’s give this poor kid a chance at love in the second half of season 5.

-A Caroline And Stefan Kiss

The New Year should be all about Caroline getting some action. Our favorite blonde vampire seems to keep drawing the short stick when it comes to guys so we are all for her planting smooches on everyone in sight – including Stefan! Caroline has replaced Lexi as Stefan’s BFF but there is no denying that the pair have some sparks between them.

-Ghostly Returns

The great thing about supernatural dramas is that no one is dead for good. The season 4 finale resurrected a slew of deceased fan favorite characters and we would love to see Lexi, Alaric, Aunt Jenna and more return for a night of fun in Mystic Falls.

-More Grayson And Miranda Flashbacks

This season “The Vampire Diaries” began exploring Elena’s deceased parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert. During the midseason finale we learned that Elena’s father was experimenting on vampires. While the pair are now dead and are not supernatural, it would be interesting if they could somehow appear and reveal how they feel about Elena’s new life as a vampire.

-Where Is Sheriff Forbes?

A lot of the drama in season 5 has taken place at Whitmore College, which means that viewers have been missing Sheriff Forbes. As the last living parent in Mystic Falls we would like to see more of her – perhaps investigating Dr. Wes’ vampire lab in the basement of the old Gilbert building.

-Sorority Girl Caroline Elena has been a terrible friend (RIP Jessie) and Bonnie is a little preoccupied right now which means that Caroline is pretty much on her own. What better way to meet new friends and get that college experience by joining a sorority? We can picture Caroline fitting right in … if she could just get through the doors of the sorority house.

-A New Bromance For Damon

Damon hasn’t had a new BFF since Alaric passed away. Now that Enzo is in the picture, we have a feeling that the two vampires will reignite their bromance. The fun thing to keep in mind is that Alaric kind of kept Damon in place (or at least didn’t support wreaking havoc) … but Enzo seems to be a bit of a trouble maker (especially after being kept locked up by humans).

-Elena And Enzo Fight

Damon was Enzo’s only friend until Damon betrayed him. Now that Enzo is free, he kind of owes his life to Damon. Whether they reignite their friendship or not, we’d like to see Enzo take some revenge on Elena for her father’s cruel experiments.

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