“Vampire Diaries” fans rejoice! It looks like Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) will be making a big return to Mystic Falls by the end of season 5!

Tyler has been missing in action on screen for a while now, thanks to Klaus and his hybrid sire-bond, but thanks to a photo posted on Twitter by actor Rick Cosnett, it appears as if Tyler is ready to make another comeback.

Cosnett, who plays Whitmore professor Dr. Wes Maxfield, posted the following along with the photo: “Feeling the love @CandiceAccola @IanSomerhalder So great to work with u –u genius mofos #photobomb @Michael_Trevino.”

It’s unknown where this behind-the-scenes photo was taken, but it seems pretty clear that Tyler will be moving from “The Originals” back to “The Vampire Diaries.”

If Tyler is returning to his original CW series, this wouldn’t be his first time appearing in season 5. He previously returned to say goodbye to Bonnie, but his reunion with girlfriend Caroline was short-lived when he revealed that he was throwing his future with her away in order for a chance to pursue revenge against Klaus. Needless to say Caroline didn’t take Tyler’s big reveal well, and told her beau that if he left that they were over -- for good.

The hybrid ultimately decided that he needed vengeance for Klaus killing his mother and left for New Orleans. It was in “The Originals” crossover that he discovered that his old friend, Hayley, was pregnant with Klaus’ demon child. Performing a couple of tests, Tyler discovered that Hayley and Klaus’ unborn baby was the key to creating more hybrids. Knowing that Klaus would only use a hybrid army for evil, he decided that he must kill the child.

A wrench was thrown into Tyler’s plan when Hayley fought back and his test Hybrid turned out to be sired to the mother-to-be. Escaping Klaus’ hands for now, Tyler decided to seek revenge with a different route -- approach Marcel about Klaus and Hayley’s baby … the baby that would pose a threat to the vampire race.

But Tyler’s move proved to be a bad one, and he ended up thrown into the Garden by Marcel and Rebekah when he made it known that he’s willing and ready to kill Hayley’s harmless baby.

It’s unclear how Tyler will be able to get out of the Garden, but with Klaus set to return to Mystic Falls in the second half of season 5 we can’t help but think that he might be bringing Tyler along with him.

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