The owner of a San Francisco van rental service got fed up enough with customers stealing his vans that he personally sought one out to get it back. Bandago owner Sharky Laguana followed the van around and, after being frustrated with the lack of police response to his plight, lied to the people who stole it, effectively fooling them into giving it back, SFGate reported.

In a Twitter thread that went semi-viral, Laguana outlined how bureaucratic hurdles make it difficult for rental company owners to get back stolen vehicles. They cannot be reported stolen until five days past their due date, and they can only be cited as embezzlement rather than theft.

Laguana said he got lucky and saw a van he was looking for in traffic and decided to follow it. After chasing it down, he tricked the supposed thieves into returning it.

The tale continues with a bit of "bluffing" to throw off the van thieves.

However, while some saw it as a valiant act by a business owner, others took it as an example of the Bay Area’s unchecked income inequality at work. Laguana’s thread indicated the thieves had luggage and may have been living in the car, which has become a somewhat common practice in the Bay Area and nearby Silicon Valley due to sky-high rent and stagnant wages.

Some folks in Laguana’s Twitter replies saw it as a man being needlessly cruel to homeless people. However, Laguana theorized that these particular thieves may not have come across all of that luggage honestly and had a rap sheet. He told KRON-4 that people steal his vans to commit more crimes or even export them to Mexico.

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